¡°The heart and soul of Inhalation is rooted in the desire to help others in the ways we know best¡±



Marilyn Vail

After years of Aromatherapy education, Marilyn¡¯s husband contracted a near fatal lung infection. Physicians stated it was not at all probable for him to regain, his extensive loss of breathing ability.  Marilyn nurtured him with essential oil treatments achieving the results that were almost impossible, improving his lung capacity. This experience lead to the founding and development of Inhalation, Inc.

Ms. Vail holds a B.Sc. in Home Economics from the University of California. Credentials also include the Masters Apprenticeship Program from the East West School for Herbal and Aromatic Studies, Chemistry of Essential Oils at the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy and physiology at the College of Botanical Healing Arts.




Kimberly Powers

¡°With our touch we connect with clients in a way few professionals do, giving us a unique opportunity to assist people in their healing¡± says Kimberly.

After twenty eight years in the beauty business, Kimberly returned to school for botanical medicine and essential oil education. Ms. Powers holds a B.Sc. in Herbal Science at Bastyr University, along with diplomas from Australasian College of Health Sciences, in Master Herbalist and Aromatherapist.


Marilyn and Kimberly are open to sharing testimonials of remarkable experiences achieved through Inhalation¡¯s essential oil applications.

Inhalation, Inc. is based out of Woodinville, Washington, 20 minutes from Seattle. Though the essential oils needed to make our products come from all corners of the planet, the company uses local businesses for printing, plastic manufacturing, signage, and most other aspects of what keeps us running. ¡°Re-use and recycle¡± are ways of life for all of the people that work at Inhalation. These principles are part of the operating procedures at the office/manufacturing plant.


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